State of the Union 2007

Party like its 2001. Te malapropos speech that Mr. Bush delivered last night seemed like a muddled rerun of his previous speeches…kinda like a tasteless broth of rotting leftovers. We’re still fighting “Islamofascist” Sunni extremists, September 11th is still alive and fresh and now we’re being hounded by the hardline regime in Iran as well. Where are the gains we have made during this time Mr. Bush? Sure, you’re concerned about the environment now, which took you a while; sure education is a big priority, the economy, health care, dependence on foreign oil are all pertinent issues–but in case you don’t watch the news, it is Iraq everyone is really concerned about. The US has no allies in Iraq, or the region for that matter. But Mr. Bush seemed to conveninetly ignore any discussion of his failing diplomacy in the region. His defeated tenor and stale canting couldn’t have come at a worse time.


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