Faiz Translated; Dasht-e-Tanhai 7/23/06

A Translation Of Faiz’s “Dasht-e-Tanhai (The Desert of Solitude) by little ol’me.

Through the sands of my solitude,
O love, tremor the shadows of your voice;
The waning vision of your lips.

In the waste of my solitude
And beneath the dust and ashes of separation,
Blossom the jasmines and roses of your touch.

Rises from somewhere near,
The undulating flame of your breath–
Coiling and restless;
It cinders in its own perfume slowly
Still alight.

In the distance upon the horizon glistens,
drop by leaden drop,
the silken dew of your glance,
O love, as it falls.

With such affection, O love!
Your memory has placed its hand
on the countenance of my heart

It seems that–
And though we are beset with the dawn of parting,
the day of migration has faded,
and the night of our union has arrived!


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